Annan receives arms petition by one-millionth signer, vows to transmit call onward

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In 2003, the Control Arms campaign began, campaigning for an international ATT in more than one hundred countries. One of the main elements of the early campaign was the ’Million Faces’ petition. The petition brought together people from around the world who had suffered from armed conflict and armed violence as well as other supporters.

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Control Arms has argued that the lack of controls on the arms trade is fuelling armed conflict , poverty and human rights abuses worldwide. Even though existing treaties and pieces of international law exist that focus on the international arms trade, none of them, before the Arms Trade Treaty, were legally binding and fully international.

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”Annan receives arms petition by one-millionth signer, vows to transmit call onward”.

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Send a Facebook message. Send an email to friends; Tweet to your followers; Copy link Copied. Embed. Councillor Sean Morton needs your help with “The Co-op: Save The Tennant Arms”. Join Councillor Sean Morton and 280 supporters today. Sign this petition. Today: Councillor Sean Morton is counting on you.

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UN Arms Control Meet Opens with Call for Global Treaty, AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE, June 26, Annan Receives Arms Petition by One-millionth Signer, Vows to Transmit Call Onward, U.N. NEWS CENTRE, June 26, 2006, available at

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