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Bond Arms has redefined what what a derringer is and perfected the art of pocket pistol design, but do you know the history of this legendary gun? Derringers 101. July 22, calibers. All Bond derringers are […] Find Out More. Bond Ranger. Includes black custom driving/concealed

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Sep 17, 2007 · From the point of view of owning this level of ’extreme performance’ derringers, I’m of the opinion that the best caliber for the application is the usual thing of the most powerful round conveniently shootable. .45 ACP is kinda iffy.

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Top 12 Pocket Pistols for 2014 | Best for Compact Personal Defense for both old and new, for compact personal defense! See our current issue of POCKET PISTOLS 2014! By Dennis Adler. Comment(s) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Modern versions offer plenty of defensive capability with calibers up to .45 ACP. The derringer

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The 2016 CONCEALED CARRY HANDGUNS buyer’s guide contains derringers & mini-revolvers from Bond Arms & North American Arms.

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For best results, you need to grip a Bond Arms derringer in a very specific manner. As clearly illustrated in the safety and instruction manual, when gripping the Backup, you must ensure that the web of your hand does not come in contact with the hammer.

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Jan 19, 2008 · what caliber is best for derringers? Colt 41 caliber derringer, what’s its worth? Best caliber for Bond Arms derringer.? More questions. I am trying to find the value of 2 Colt Derringers, 22 caliber, serial #’s 69936 D and 69937 D In a wooden box.

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The derringer pistol has a special place in American history, as well as a practical use today. These durable pistols are much more reliable, then some of the derringer …


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A derringer is generally the smallest usable handgun of a given caliber. It was frequently used by women, because it is easily concealable in a purse or as a stocking gun . [8] Such weapons designed specifically for women were called ” muff pistols ”, due to their compact size enabling them to be carried in a muff .

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Jun 26, 2011 · I always felt a derringer was supposed to be small enough to carry in a watch or vest pocket, very easily concealable. When I bought the Davis .32acp it was the largest caliber you could get in that size pistol.