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Their business practices have long been called into question — particularly because the stars you name aren’t recognized by anyone outside the company you paid, according to Wired. Still, they

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Name a star with Star Registry. Since 1979. Buy a star kit to join celebrities and dignitaries in the world’s only everlasting published star catalog.

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Buy a Star, But It’s Not Yours. Is ISR’s star-naming business therefore a scam? No, not legally. The company promises to send you a piece of parchment, a booklet and a star map – and it

i want to name a star, how do i know which website is

Aug 29, 2010 · i want to name a star and buy one. but there is so many websites and this seems like the easiest thing to scam people on. how do i know which one is real and which one is a good one to purchase off of?

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Is Star Naming a Scam? On of the most common questions in star naming is around the lines of ”Is naming a star a scam?” or ”can you really name star?”

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But can you really name a star? The answer is yes, and no. Names of astronomical objects are agreed upon by the International Astronomical Union.

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Nov 16, 2012 · I was really wanting to have a star named after me for a Christmas present as Astronomy is my favorite science. So I did some googling and came up with many star naming or buy a star sites. What I was thinking about, is it just a big scam? I could see how it is easy to make a fake certificate and whatnot with all the information …

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Name A Star NASA Blog; Name A Star NASA. Does NASA Recognize Star Naming Services? In a word, no! In two more words, so what? There seems to be some buzz among certain up-tight bloggers that star registration companies are a scam and a rip-off. Well, I guess it depends what you think you’re getting.

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Buying Stars and Star Names. The IAU frequently receives requests from individuals who want to buy stars or name stars after other persons. Some commercial enterprises purport to offer such services for a fee. However, such ”names” have no formal or official validity whatsoever. The International Astronomical Union (IAU) was founded in …