Country Music: Do people ACTUALLY listen to this garbage?

Why do people listen to rap music when it is so clearly

Jul 04, 2007 · Best Answer: i totally agree. people who buy rap music are idiots with very bad taste. my guess as to why they listen to it is a. its what all they friends are listening to and they to scared to stand out b. its the only kinda music on the radio and tv thats evolved from the pure art of hiphop which has

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Total Frat Move | Pop Country Music Is Crap, Stop

The only people who disagree with you are those yuppie boys who join a fraternity and think that somehow they must now listen to country music, but only know what they hear only the radio. America. -2

Why do people hate country music so much? – reddit

Because people don’t realize that there is more to country than the handfull of pop county singers that are played over and over again on the radio. People think all country music is about beer, trucks, and guns. I don’t really blame them, all they hear is the same cliche cookie cutter songs. It’s a shame really, Country music has so much to offer.

Top responsesRedditdank meme48 votesPeople hate things, that’s how life works.23 votesIt’s musically uninteresting, it uses about 4 chords at most, has no variety, the words are insipid, the accents are put on, the … read more12 votesThey strum 2-3 chords over and over again and sing about pickup trucks, alcohol, and nostalgia.11 votesSame reason some people hate rap or metal or any other genre. They just dont like it.10 votesIt is the least imaginative off all music.6 votesSee all

They Turned the Wal-Mart Yodeling Boy Into Pop Country

They Turned the Wal-Mart Yodeling Boy Into Pop Country Garbage. With how few people actually make it in music I hope the kids parents take any money he makes and put it in a college fund. Like 12+ If I wanted to listen to something like this I’d tell my kid to invite some friends over and record it on GarageBand on my iPhone.

The JohnsoNation: 5 Reasons Why I Hate Country Music

Sep 30, 2009 · it is a sad day when people assume that country fans have a low IQ. so do many people from the so called ’civilized world’. it is a sadder day when country is called an epidemic. your going off stereotypes. all of my neighbors listen to country and they don’t dress like a gay cowboy.

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Mar 30, 2004 · Re: Even the Kids Today think modern music sucks Hello. It looks like there will be no new music in 10 year from now may …

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Oct 01, 2013 · While speaking in a GAC special, The Voice coach angered thousands of elderly country fans when he remarked, “Nobody wants to listen to their grandpa’s music. And I don’t care how many of

Why Does Music Make Us Feel? – Scientific American

Why Does Music Make Us Feel? or garbage disposals? Why is music nice to listen to? Why does music get blessed with a multi-billion dollar industry, whereas there is no market for “easy

Listening Statistics: 23 Facts You Need to Hear

Young and old alike continue to cruise the dial but there are some major differences in terms of how they do it. How many people listen to the radio? Even though the face of radio has changed, its popularity hasn’t. What do adults listen to most? Country music is the most popular choice among adults, taking up a 14% share of the market

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Oct 15, 2017 · Modern ”country” music absolute garbage Discussion in ’The Okie Corral ’ started by but I told my wife that the second saddest thing to loss of life in Vegas was that 22k people wanted to see Jason Aldean. GlockPride, Oct 15 Strait, Sammy Kershaw and usually like to listen to country when I’m on the road but no luck …