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Aug 06, 2018 · Paladin’s Shield is a Hardmode post-Plantera accessory.While equipped, and when the wearer’s health is above 25%, it grants all nearby players on their team the Paladin’s Shield buff: this buff causes 25% of any damage inflicted on them to transfer to the wearer of the shield instead.. In both singleplayer and multiplayer, Paladin’s Shield …

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All the Shield models that a Paladin can use for Transmogrification purposes in Legion 7.1.

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Paladin Shields can have a bonus of +1-3 to Paladin Skill Levels, and can only be worn by Paladins.

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Paladin Shields, or Auric Shields, can only be worn and used by the Paladin.They can spawn with so called Auto Mods. These are properties that randomly appear on a shield whether it is magical or normal.

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Paladin Shields are Shields which only Paladins can equip. Paladin shields typically have either one percent increased resistance to all elements, or one percent increased physical damage. Paladin shields may have native modifiers of up to +45% to all resistances. This makes them potent choices

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Normal Paladin Shields (Exceptional Paladin Shields | Elite Paladin Shields) Paladin Shields can only be worn by Paladins. Auto Mods Auto Mods are mods that ”automatically” show up on all versions of an item, whether it’s magical, normal, low quality (Cracked, Crude, Damaged, Low Quality), or rare.

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